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Regarding Horror Movies

Posted by DCoffill on April 7, 2009 at 10:57 AM Comments comments (1)

Hello everyone,

Horror movies are still kicking strong and with movies such as Twilight and the Saw movies.    Growing up watching movies since I was a kid was great!   My parents were cool about allowing to stay up and watch them.     When I saw Salem's Lot' on TV around 1978 or 1979.    The movie scared the hell outta me.      Other movies such as The Fog and The Thing also increased my interests in the genre.     When I was writing Cursed Darkness and many rough drafts later.    I remember going back to my childhood and enjoying those moves that I had mention.     Being a Maine born native and being a huge fan of Stephen King and other horror writers; it was like living out those chilling, but exciting memories of horror movies.

       Today's horror movies are different than the classics, but only in a different flavor.     My opinion of horror movies is that they come in different shapes and sizes like buying a car or buying ice cream.    One movie that comes to mind as being different was Vacancy.    I thought that movie was original and very realistic.    I call it reality horror.    The Saw and Hostel movies are reality something that could happen in real life.    Both involved torture and deceiving.    I would love to welcome everyone who comes to my website and post your thoughts about horror movies.    Can't wait to from you.    

Best Wishes and keep writing!

Duane E. Coffill


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