Author Duane E. Coffill


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The Eyes Within

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Jack Olson, a real estate agent comes home from a business trip and discovers his family has been murdered and his wife, Maggie hanging from a rope with her neck snapped, utters a word to her husband before dying and then, the police arrive and jack is arrested for the vicious crimes.



The Drakes move into the house in hopes of providing a nice and safe place to stay and raise their kids, but soon discover…they’re not alone…Det. Hall, a detective who wanted to have the house demolished, because of the dark secrets that he discovered in his investigation after the arrest of Jack Olson, asks for help from a pastor, a medium and the Drake’s unusual and mysterious caretaker, Ole.



What is hidden inside the house and what eyes look upon the Drake’s as they find out in this supernatural thrill ride! A new family moves in: the Drakes. They also discover with the help of Det. Hall a medium, a pastor and a mysterious handyman named Ole trying to help a family from an evil entity within the house that is set to destroy the Drakes before it's too late.

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